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Post op girls are fun fun fun!

Post-Op Transexuals Are A Lot Of Fun Too Here is another story about an experience with a post op t-girl named Krysta. I have had quite a few experiences with her, here are some of the best.

The first time I visited her, Krysta gave me a prostate massage, something I had never really tried before. I was sold on her description of the experience I would have and it created the most powerful orgasm in my life. Left my legs shaking for 5-10 mins, seriously.

My second experience was just as enjoyable, I tried her 'strap on' experience (I believe she called it 'pegging'), again based on her description of the experience I would enjoy. The lead up experience alone was so nice, I have tried this again many times since.

Krysta has a range of strap on's of different types and sizes and I chose an 8" purple, jelly dildo. While it did look really big, she assured me it was very soft and flexible and it was.

Watching her put it on, stepping into the straps for her legs, and pulling it up, like a pair or panties, and positioning the purple jelly dildo was mind blowing, especially knowing it would soon be inside me.

Soon, I came to appreciate why its necessary to 'get wet' and Krysta lubed me up very well, as well as the head of the dildo itself, and slowly, slowly eased her way into me.

I though it would be easy enough but I was surprised how much I still needed to relax. I have to say it did hurt but Krysta was very patient and guided me through the experience, telling me what to do and how to relax more. The 'burning sensation' I felt as the dildo sank into me was just wonderful. Once the dildo was inside me all the way, Krysta slowly increased the pace of her strokes until I just exploded. In the afterglow, we just lay and talked for a while.

On my third visit, I decided that needed to sample her post op pussy and we had a great DATY session followed by me sliding into her while she threw her legs up over my shoulders. She was 'deeper' than I expected and also has a very large 'clitty' which is very sensitive, as it should be, and she seems to be easily stimulated. I warmed her up with my tongue and finished her off with her legs over my shoulders. She said she had a nice tingling sensation all over. So did I!

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