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Play Day for Sara

It doesn’t happen often, but an opportunity opened up for me recently to take a day off to get a
hotel room, get dressed, and entertain men.
So I took it.
When I discovered I would have this day to myself the previous week, I ran the following ad on
“Get ready boys – t4m super horny cd coming to town on Tuesday of next
week. I’ll be hosting at a hotel in midtown. Unlike just about every other t on
here, this isn’t a pay for play proposition (although it could be a pnp
situation). The only currency I want is hard dick.
Safe play only.
Looking to host from 10 AM to 6-7 PM. Will post more details on Monday
after I go shopping. Revealing pics to all serious inquiries.
Fill my holes and let me make you cum.
Everybody wins.”
I followed up with much the same ad with pics when I checked in. During the day, I got over 50
responses. What to do?
As you begin to respond, you soon discover that some are just chatters, and even though “all
day” sounded like forever at the beginning, time becomes a precious commodity when you are
juggling responding to the barrage of incoming e-mails, putting on the finishing touches, and
pleasing yourself with a dildo (such is the life of a sissy).
Cutting to the chase, I had enough men respond who were both desirable and serious that I could
have stayed until the weekend. Having only a day, I did as much as I could.
My first visitor of the day was a construction worker in his mid-30s. He was really nervous, just
standing there. I responded by getting on my knees, unbuckling his belt, and pulling down his
pants. I could see the bulge in his underwear. I gently nibbled his cock a couple of times, pulled
off his underwear, and deep-throated his gorgeous 7 in. rod. In no time it was as hard as steel.
He hurriedly took of all of his clothes while pushing me away. I retreated to the bed. Completely
nude he walked around to the side of the bed I was on and placed his cock inches away from my
face, and I lovingly sucked his shaft and balls. I could feel it throb from time to time, and I thought

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