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Plant Food

Written by: Slayzer

Rewritten by: Hobgoblin


“Where the hell are you, Terry!?” Rebecca snarled, tirelessly searching for her little brother.

Rebecca, a pretty sweet sixteen dressed in casual in khakis and a pink T-shirt, was pissed off. It was Saturday night and she’d rather be out with her friends. Instead, with her parents away for the week, she had to stay home and babysit her kid brother. She scowled as she flipped her long, flowing blond hair; there wasn’t even any danger in their upper-class, gated community! Normally, she would’ve sent Terry outside to play with the other children in the community, but, oddly enough, everyone seemed to be indoors tonight. Jeez, did everyone decide to go to bed at seven o’ clock all of a sudden?

She ordered out for food an hour ago since she wasn’t too good at cooking (though she’d be damned before she admitted that), getting a medium cheese pizza for herself and a small pepperoni for her brother. She had eaten most of hers, but her brother still hadn’t shown up yet. It was odd since Terry would never be late for pizza. She had gone looking for him, but the size of their house made her brother almost undetectable if he wanted to be.

She began heading for the laundry room when she notice one of her brother’s shoes in front of the basement door. Ugh, of course he’d be down there. Even in their lavish house, the basement was extremely creepy. It was just as large as the rest of the house, but was much darker and colder; even with the lights on it was like a dungeon.

Rebecca opened the door, a ray of light from the hallway making half of the stairway visible. Within the black abyss she thought she could make out her brother’s other shoe. “Brat, you better not be down there trying to scare me!”


“Fine, if you won’t come up then I’ll just eat your pizza myself.”

Rebecca waited but still no answer. She was about to turn and to prove she wasn’t bluffing, when a rattling sound began to float up the stairs.

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