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Perfect combination

Mary had always preferred to go out with girls rather than men. She found girls were more gentle and kind and loving which is what she liked from a relationship. She found that men tended to treat her badly and did not satisfy her in bed either. She was not in a relationship at the moment though, having parted from her last girlfriend because she moved to another country and she had taken it very hard. She had been in love and it was not easy to get over such an intense relationship.

Eventually she felt ready to date again and went out to a bar on Friday nights to see who she could pick up.The bar she went to was a mixed bar and so the girls were not all lesbians but mary did not mind as she liked mixing with lots of people and knew that there were quite a lot of lesbians that did go there. One evening she met a rather unusual girl called Mimi who she took quite a shine to.

Mimi was a great listener and also funny which Mary loved in a partner. They hit it off right from the beginning and things started as a great friendship. They saw a lot of each other, going shopping together in their lunch breaks and going out to the bar at weekends. They came to a point where Mimi said that she thought things were getting serious and would like to start to think of Mary as her girlfriend but she needed to tell her something first which might stop that from happening. Mary was worried because she was keen to see a lot more of Mimi and so organised to cook them a meal so that they could have some private time in her flat.

The night of the meal arrived and Mary dressed simply in jeans and a shirt. Mimi arrived looking lovely as usual in a short red skirt and great heels. They ate quietly, normally having lots to talk about but both being nervous tonight. They sat on the sofa together with their pudding and Mimi started to explain that she was not all that she seemed. She went on to tell Mary that even though she considered herself to be a woman she actually had a cock. She hoped that Mary would not see it as a problem and was desperate for their relationship to continue.

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