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The club owner shoves you into the room and you hear the door lock behind you. You are locked in and feeling very vulnerable. “He didn’t say anything about this” you think. The stiletto heels of the black platform heels click on the floor and your arms are crossed over your breast protecting them as you gaze about the room. You ask yourself "Why did I agree to do this". You are naked and scared and trying to adjust yourself to the strange room. It is octagon in shape, maybe 8 foot from wall to all and about the 3 foot level there are small square holes cut. The lighting is bright blinding almost, the
walls are a mirrored and you can see yourself from every angle. The room’s sole furnishing is a stool, but not like any stool you've seen before. Fixed to the center of the stool is a large, thick dildo, complete with veins and a wide thick head. As you step toward the stool the music kicks on. You are feeling a little better. You reach the chair and out of instinct you reach and grasp the rubber cock to test its girth. You jump as you hear a noise and looking around you notice for the first time that there are men looking at you through the holes in the walls. “This is for real” you think. “Why do you tell him your fantasies, you know he makes them come true”.

You try look at the eyes of each of the on lookers trying to find my eyes but you can't. All of their eyes are out of view and with the lights, mirrors and wicked looking stool you are confused and overcharged. As you stare into the black holes in the wall you realized that the occupants are jerking off looking at you. You hear their heavy breathing and the sounds of their hands slapping their hard cocks. This sends chills through you, thinking that these 7 hard men want you. You feel shivers creeping along your smooth hairless nakedness from your neck to your sissy pussy. You cup your limp clit and your pussy starts to warm as you think of them pulling their cocks to you. They are coveting you, worshipping you, they want to fuck you, they wanting to stuff your holes, to cum for you, on you, in you.

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