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I was going to publish this story tomorrow but i just don't seem to keep this only to myself and the forum members. This is another story by tgirl Fran and oh my, she does know how to write! This was one of the most vivid and romantic description of 69 sex i ever got to read! I bet you will agree with me after you read this story!

It has been a nice evening out. Ila took me out for fine dining. I like getting "dressed up" and enjoy fine meal in places with a romantic atmosphere. It's good for the soul to elevate oneself to a higher standard. Good food and good company is always a reward.

We get home early because we started early. We get to choose the corner table when we do that. We enter the house and I take Ila's jacket. He also kicks off his shoes. I have good carpeting. I appreciate that. Yeah, Ila is house -broken. LOL I put on some slow dancing music and Ila knows what I want. Holds me in his arms and we slow dance. We're good enough at this that we can stay off each other's toes too. I loosen his tie and pull it off. I'm in my blue satin evening dress. It's soft and smooth, slippery as ice. We dance and whisper those sweet nothings that lovers do. He pulls me in close at the hips. " I get the message Ila."

As we move to the music it stirs our inner desires. His testosterone boils, my tits perk up. We are as one in the moment. He glances down at my face but I know he is really looking at my breasts as they push into his chest. I don't mind. He's a guy. I feel changes below his belt. He is getting aroused. That is okay. So am I.

I wear a small size thong that holds me smooth on the front but it is getting uncomfortably tight. Ila knows. He knows everything about me. It's nice to have a date that can "read" you without having to be told.

I raise my long slender arms over his shoulders and it pokes my tits into him. He likes that. I like it too. I hope he never figures out that I do it deliberately. I kiss him lightly and he deftly undoes the hook and zipper of my dress.

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