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Our first night!

Tonight is our wedding night! It is the night when all my dreams should come true! Sativa and I had never had sex until this day. Many times I’ve tried to do sex, but she always said I needed to wait. I said OK coz I loved my sweetheart! Moreover, when I kept attempting to persuade her, she would say I didn’t love her. Sativa is a very sexy Brazilian chick; I met her during my vacation in Rio a couple of years ago. She has a slim, model body, she is also graced with a nice round ass, blue eyes and juicy lips resembling me that of Angelina Jolie’s. We’ve known each other for 2 wonderful and magic years and every time we kissed looked like it was our first one! Ever since I’ve known her, she has always been a mystery to me because I only knew some of her friends, but never met her family. She explained that her family told her that they rejected her and even didn’t want anything to do with her. I never knew why until this day. We had a private wedding because Sativa didn’t want to see many guests and she felt that was the right time for her to have sex and she was ready to lose her virginity. I loved her and she loved me. We both trusted each other. We had to go through various check ups and testing of all sorts to make sure that we were clean of all diseases. I was always looking forward for this day.

We got a nice rich palace looking hotel room that contained a broad heart-shaped rose flower bed that was so soft, that I almost fell asleep. The fragrance in the room was like sweet oranges and was very relaxing. I grabbed Sativa, threw her on the bed. But as I was just about to pounce unto her, she jumped up and said she needed the lights off. So, I got up and wanted to turn the lights off, but before I could do it she grabbed me, settled me down with a sad face. I asked her what was wrong. It got real quiet and then her beautiful eyes busted into tears. Then she spoke in her sexy but emotional Brazilian accent, I have always liked to listen! She uttered:

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