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On Vacation With My Love

Looks like very soon i won't have to write anything for my blog anymore! Our readers do it better than me, lol. Kudos to Ila (yes, him again) for this very romantic story.

My love, Jackie, and I have arrived at our destination in. We are staying at a luxury resort on a tropical island. The resort complex consists of a central registration building, restaurants, shops, swimming pools, and several circular grass roofed outbuildings that are the guest huts. We have one of the huts on the edge of the complex right down near the ocean. It's the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

The hut that we are in has a large four-poster bed with mosquito netting and a separate bathroom with a large whirlpool tub and a spacious two person shower. There is a covered patio out front and a privacy screen along the front and the side to nearest hut. There are lounge chairs on the patio as well a hammock that will easily fit two people. Our view faces west, perfect for taking in a tropical sunset.

Jackie and I are in our hut and unpacking our suitcases. She is busily putting her clothes away, but I am too distracted by her to do much unpacking at all. I look at my gorgeous Jackie with her long waist length dark hair, dreamy blue eyes, beautiful face with sensuous lips, and full round firm breasts. I take in her narrow waist, flaring hips, and long soft smooth legs. Jackie still has on her travelling shorts and halter top. As she bends over to put some clothes in a dresser drawer I am overcome by the urge to touch her. I step in behind Jackie and while she is still bent over I run my fingertips and palms lightly over her backside. Jackie stays bent over and wiggles her bum in encouragement.

I run my fingers along the crack of her bum and overtop of her shorts. I start at the top and go down to the bottom. I do this several times and every time I go lower until I'm tickling her balls and cock through her shorts. Jackie likes to tuck her cock back in behind her when she wears shorts so that her bulge isn't so pronounced. This makes it easier for me to tickle her cockhead as I massage her balls and butt cheeks. Jackie gives out a little sigh each time I touch her cock and I can feel her getting harder.

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