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Oh The Joy!

As I removed my trousers my mind started to think about the naughty things I could get up to very soon. What possible delights that may await me today. With my male clothes now in a pile on the floor, I stand there naked with a completely hairless body, the recent full body wax worth all the pain I endured. My slender figure is something I’m proud of, but has caused me some ridicule from friends and colleagues over the years. There were many comments about being a wimp and how I should be a girl. Oh how I wish that had been the case.
I grab my strapless black satin bra and fasten it at the back, insert my breast forms into the cups and with a bit of pulling of my own skin, create a rather nice cleavage. Next, the black satin corset. Placing it around my torso I fasten the front busk eyelets and start to tighten the laces. I am quite adept at this now after lots of practice and gradually pull the laces tighter and tighter, until eventually the corset is fully closed. My thirty two inch waist is now twenty eight inches. The tightness around my torso, causing a change to my breathing, feels wonderful and the restriction makes it feel so erotic.
I open a new pack of seamed nylon fully fashioned stockings. Seductively, I slide each one up my smooth legs and attach them to the eight suspenders. Now it’s time for the tight black satin knickers. Sliding them up to my thighs I now tuck myself away, pushing my testicles back into my body and pull my appendage between my legs creating an almost perfect shape. Closing my legs slightly, to keep it tucked away, I pull the tight knickers up all the way. They are so tight they will certainly stop me playing with myself. I caress my satin covered bum and it makes me feel so sexy.
Before I finish dressing it is time to apply some make-up. My portable mirror, complete with suction cups, is already attached to the wall. My finger nails are already coated in a dusky pink. They are all my own and keep them neatly trimmed and shaped in a feminine style.

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