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Oh Astrid!

Like most here I have watched a lot of porn over the years, AST being my favourite site and having enjoyed a lot of she ick beauty of all types, ages and descriptions it became my custom to sample, in real life what pleasures the cock of a beautiful tranny may provide.

Most of the escorts visited have been fairly nondescript,airbrushed pics, average dicks, seldom size as advertised, not long ago I came across an ad from a visiting tranny, she looked statuesque and stunning, so with a couple of texts and no reviews I was on my way.

Ushered into an upper room of a busy shopping street Astrid pulled har enormous flaccid cock from her panties, she instinctively knew I wanted it in my drooling mouth, as it throbbed, grew and pulsates I myself was in a state of total extrasy as she fondled me in my bulging shorts, she gently rubbed me as I wanked her ginormous shaft, sucking and licking her soft brown balls, totally mesmerised by her throbbing member.

I wanted to swallow her babies, but she pulled away, early in the day with more fantasies to fulfill, Astrid let me fuck her tight arse and sucked me to my own creamy conclusion.

I've had other experiences since, but my brief encounter with the delightful Ms. Monroe trumps the lot! But I do have the very strong feeling that I'll be sharing other big cock experiences with you guys!

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