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Office Fun

He had worked in the office for just over 6 months, and couldn’t stand the job. It was tedious data analysis type work which bored the hell out of him, and he had to do it eight hours a day, five days a week. The only thing that got him through his long days was Marcia. Marcia was a stunning woman who had started at the office about two weeks after Lee and worked at the station opposite him. Lee was wild with desire for her, and would be distracted for what seemed like hours at a time fantasising about the things he would do to her if he ever had the chance.

He watched her now from across his desk as she sat typing at her computer. Her long, sandy hair was tied in a tight bun. She wore a light coloured shirt which was unbuttoned at the top and showing off her magnificent cleavage, her tits pushed tightly together by her back bra which was just visible over the top of her shirt. He thought how much fun it would be to bury his face in those quality melons. The thought was a welcome distraction from the endless number crunching and typing that should have been occupying his mind. But time was money, so he went back to staring at his computer screen and filling in the numbers.

Marcia took a sip from the bottle of water on her desk. When she put it back down, she placed it too close to the edge and it over balanced and tumbled to the floor, rolling a metre or two away from her desk. Lee heard the spillage and his ‘cleavage imminent’ sense started to tingle. He watched as Marcia wheeled her chair towards the stray bottle and bent over to pick it up. The wide opening of her shirt drooped down as she stretched her arm and Lee stared, transfixed by what he was seeing. Too quick for him to react, Marcia looked up at Lee and his slightly agape mouth. Despite his embarrassment, he held her gaze for a moment. To his surprise, she didn’t raise herself up straight away. Instead, she stayed where she was for a few seconds. Her large breasts and black bra now clearly visible. She slowly straightened herself up, flashed him a cheeky grin and pushed herself back behind her desk, holding her long legs out horizontally as her chair wheeled back into place. She returned to typing, her eyes quickly darting to Lee before he returned his gaze to his screen.

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