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NYC bar

I was visiting New York for business and decided to see what the transsexual night life had to offer. After a brief search I found a Tranny Party at a Bar in Manhattan. I went not knowing what to expect. Turns out is a bar where you get lap dances from some of the most beautiful tgirls I've ever seen. As soon as I got there I saw a girl and she grabbed my hand and put it on her ass. I squeezed it was tight and firm. She led me to the back of the bar where we sat and she straddled me and started taking off her top and grinding on me. I started sucking on her nipples. She had some pretty long nipples which I love, I was switching back and forth. Eventually she got up and turned around where I as able to kiss and caress her beautiful ass and grab her package as well. Eventually she sat on me again and started grinding on me. I was soo turned on that I stuck my hands in her panties and started jacking her off. She was soo hard and leaking precum she eventually stuck her hand down my pants and we started fondling each other. I had to stop since a security guy was watching and we didn't want to get in to trouble. She continued to grind on me and I eventually started fingering her. We had to stop since I didn't want to cum in my pants. She was amazing. After we went to the bar and got a drink, kept on rubbing her ass and she would rub her cock on my leg. We ended up making out for a bit. Eventually she had to go dance and left. She gave me her phone number, I can't wait to call her and get together with out the security guy getting in the way

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