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Hi so the first time i went to a bathhouse was when i was 18 , i was dating a 44yr old dominate top tranny (Tina) who had the biggest uncut latino thick cock, her cock was the one that made me not only give up on girls but she turned my body and mind into a complete bottom sissy , my butt became her pussy and my hole was being waxed ,dressed stretched , eaten , fingered and breed!!! i was so scared when she came inn me and pnp made me forget about the fear and just enjoy!!!! we loved to smoke T and poppers during sex ... anyways we were bored and high and she had me completely dressed up in her house , wig , makeup fishnets , makeup , short skirt , black string , small top and a pink collar that said slut no it and she bought me brand new stilettos and i looked SEXY AS FUCK, and was immediately turned on and couldn't believe that 2 weeks ago i was a straight guy who liked girls and i got put inn my place and became a brainwashed pnp bottom slut and realized that my little white cock couldn't please any girl, and she reminded me all the time and it was 11pm sat night and she was taking pics of me and invited over her boyfriend to play with us!!! i have never been with a guy at this point , just her and 3 of her top tranny friends who loved that i was tight and had the ass of a girl,, i was so turned no by these sexy trannys with tits and fake lips and HUGE cocks,, i was obsessed with dic and nervous to hear that a man was gonna join us tonight, i told her i wasn't really into it and just wanted her and she quickly pulled out her massive uncut thick 9incock and started rubbing it on my face and said ;" baby you are mine now and you will learn tonight why i dressed you and made you so sexy!!! your gonna get fucked by as many guys as i can possibly find tonight and as she f***ed me on my knees she told me to look in the mirror , as i did she lit a pipe and made me take a huge hit and again and again till i literally was a zombie drooling looking at how

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