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Nice body slide before tgirl fuck

The other day I visited a new tgirl, Paris, who advertised on an internet site. I was really attracted to her ad because she said 'orgasms are more fun with me' and in retrospect I think she was right :)

the thing I really liked was that she started with a body slide with me lying on my stomach and with her sliding full length against my body. I could feel her lovely breasts and her nipples sliding along my back and the sensation was great. what was even better was as she slid further up she would kiss my neck and lick my ear and at the same time I could feel her tgirl clitty brush up against my ass, wow, what a turn on it was. when it first happened I was solo wishing that she would just sink into me with her clitty there and then. the teasing of the body slide was getting me more and ore hot and I just could not wait to start fucking.

before that though she asked me to roll over and started to suck me. as she bent over to take me in her mouth I could see her clitty dangling down, it was about 7" and uncut, as a lot of asian tgirls are. It looked inviting and I asked her if we could 69 so I could suck her as well. we sucked each other for a while and she was really enjoying it but I did not think she wasn't getting hard enough to fuck me.... it turned out I was right, she tried but was just a little too soft to really sink into me properly. No matter, I decided to fuck her instead and she quickly slipped a condom onto me, had me lie on the bed and then she lowered herself onto me to ride me. It was a nice fuck, she found a nice rhythm and bounced up and down on me and her lovely tgirl clitty and her nice titties bounced up and down as well ;) it was such a pleasure to watch as I orgasmed strongly into the condom I was wearing

I went to take a shower and as I was getting dressed she promised to fuck me next time and we finished with a nice hug and a few kisses as she showed me to the door

I am keen to see her again as the body slide was really special and something I would like to try again. I will have to ask her to tease me a bit more next time by pressing the head of her clitty against the entry to my ass and to slide a lubed finger in to massage my prostate... that will be guaranteed to get me going and hopefully she will be hard enough next time to sink deeply into me :)

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