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New Orleans TS dream come true..

In was on New Orleans running water for the victims of Katrina in 2005. I went down to Bourbon St several times an one night I walked into adult fetish store and as I was looking around there was what appeared to be a very beautiful black woman bending over with a very short skirt on. I was admiring her when she caught me looking up her skirt and she asked me if I liked what I was looking at, I said yes. She stood up turn around and smiled then asked if I was interested in buying her a drink across the street. I readily agreed and she took me by the hand as we walked over to the bar. We ordered drinks and as we were talking she was sitting facing me and opened her legs revealing her sexy lace panties. I placed my hands on her legs and as I was feeling her legs which were so soft and smooth, I moved up her leg and felt a bulge in her panties. It was then that I knew I was going to be in for a very nice night. To my amazement she reached down and pulled her panties aside and pulled her cock out and placed my hands around her shaft, then she raised her top to expose the sexiest little titties along with her cock which surprisingly was only about 4 inches long and very very hard. I was stroking her hard little cock and couldn't take the extreme desire raging in my mind. She put her cock and titties away and took me to a TS bar down a side street where she knew we could have some privacy.

We sat in a booth and again she exposed her wonderful cock and tits he me, she then started kissing me which was driving me insane with desire. I started stroking her hott cock then moved to her tits which had very nice big nipples and started sucking on them. I felt her cock getting moist with precum so I raised my hand to my mouth to taste what was very sweet tasting. I couldn't resist my urges any longer so I slid down and placed her hard little cock between my lips and started sucking and licking her shaft then her nice balls. She eased forward to expose her tight little asshole which deep between her very round little ass cheeks, so I slid my tongue deep in her ass as she was moaning and sqealing with extreme delight.

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