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New neighbors

I noticed something different about the new girl moving into the apartment across from mine. She was a stone fox, but I could tell that she was a shemale. A gorgeous shemale, but definitely a shemale. I decided to play dumb as I eagerly helped her carry her belongings into her apartment. It was a hot day and she was very appreciative of the sweat I worked up carrying her stuff. She offered me a cool drink and invited me to sit on her couch with her and cool off in the AC... I accepted of course. I asked her if I could take my shirt off to cool off faster. She said yes and I could see her eyes light up as she saw my flat, hard stomach and developed pecs.
The AC made my nipples hard. I could see her interest in them as well.

After gulping down the cold ice tea, she went to the kitchen to get me a refill. She didn't seem to mind that I followed her there. When she turned back toward me, she didn't hesitate at all to step into my arms and open her lips as our mouths met or to accept my tongue into her mouth. I put my left hand in the small of her back and let my right hand settle into the crack of her beautiful ass
as we locked our lips together in a passionate kiss. She put her right arm around me and her left hand cupped my bulging crotch. She sighed as she felt the size of the bulge in her hand. Her right hand seemed to settle into the crack of my ass which really caused my cock to swell.

Meanwhile, two fingers of my right hand had found their way about half an inch into her asshole. I could tell that she enjoyed that as she sucked on my tongue. She unsnapped the crotch of my loosely fitting shorts and my cock and balls fell out into her hand. She sighed her approval, but she didn't know the game of tease that I had in mind for her. I kept her lips to mine so she could not sink to her knees as I knew she wanted to.

I laid her next to me on her carpeted floor and while continuing to gently play with her asshole with my finger tips, I started to lick and suck her ears and her neck as I worked my way down to her tits. Soon I had a mouth full of her tit and my finger still teasing her asshole. I rolled her onto her tummy and held her legs tightly together as I slipped her shorts down and buried my face in her ass and slithered my tongue deep into her asshole. She moaned with delight and ground her now hard cock into her carpet.

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