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Never Wanted To Be Your Girlfriend Ch. 04

8:20am Monday Morning


"...You can't be serious, Mike. There is no way anyone is gonna believe me," I whispered intensely.

I was sitting in the school office dressed in the patently ridiculous outfit Michael had picked out for me that morning, waiting to see the principal over my "disruptive" behavior. I just glared open-mouthed at Mike as he patted me on the head and smiled.

"It's gonna work great, Andi. Just trust me," he said, and then walked out of the office.

I watched him walk down the hall back to class, and it was then that I saw my mother walk in through the font door of the school and approach the office. I was horrified....

---- Wait.... Maybe I better bring you up to speed. ----

In case you've forgotten how we...or rather, I, got here: Three days ago I accidentally leaked my secret fantasy about wishing I was a hot girl to Michael, who seized the opportunity to reveal his own cross dressing desires. Which led to us both getting dressed up like sluts, and sneaking into a night club, but not before I stupidly allowed Michael to superglue my junk down into a smooth tuck which has the awful consequence that whenever I get turned-on the pain is so intense that I can't stand it, and need to be ass-fucked to release the tension.

This of course gets us back to the night club where I got so wasted I wound up sl**ping with Michael's step b*****r Derrick, who filmed the whole damned thing. Derrick then threatened to upload the video which showed me in the throes of ecstasy begging to be fucked like a slut unless I agreed to be his "girlfriend." A situation made worse by Michael who had intended for me to be HIS personal fuck toy, and became insanely jealous of me being with Derrick. He managed to get a copy of the video from Derrick, and decided to punish me with it. He threatened to upload the video himself unless I agreed to come to school as Andi. Which brings us to earlier this morning...


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