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Never Wanted To Be Your Girlfriend Ch. 02

So, after being made up like a slut, left glued to a pair of silicon breast forms, and caught sucking-off my best friend, I was pretty sure my day couldn't get any worse, but I had come nowhere near the end of my torment, as Michelle now had something else planned that I was probably not going to like.

Brittany got all tarted up to go clubbing with her friends. Michelle and I ordered pizza, flirted with the delivery guy like a couple of teeny-boppers at a sl**p-over, and killed time by playing video games. I got my ass kicked more than usual because I couldn't stop staring at my reflection in wonder.

"Where did you learn to do make-up like this?" I asked, "We both look amazing. I don't even recognize myself."

Michelle opened her dresser drawer and pulled out this book called "Making Faces" and handed it to me.

"It's all in here."

I opened the book, and was instantly enthralled, it was a complete guide of how to do make-up. Almost any look you could conceive could be created by learning these techniques.

We waited till Brittany went out with her friends, and Michelle's mom passed out -- After catching her son and his best friend in drag sucking each other off, I guess she needed a few stiff drinks.

Michelle took a few pics of me made up with just my green T-shirt on. She said it was for later, something to do with before and after pics so she could teach me how to do my own make-up. Afterward she punched up my make-up, making it even more dramatic which made me look quite a bit older. She styled my hair in a slutty up-do, and then headed for the bedroom door.

"Stay here, I'll be right back."

Michelle disappeared for a few minutes, and came back with an armful of clothes including the iced-pink corset I had on earlier. She tossed me the corset, a black pvc mini-skirt, black opera gloves, and black pvc bolero jacket, black fishnets with pink bows at the top, black high heeled ankle boots, and the same pink heart collar I wore earlier leaving Michelle holding a black pvc catsuit with matching corset, and black pvc knee boots. If it weren't for the endless Friday nights of seeing Brittany leave the house dressed for the club like a high-end e****t, I'd have seriously begun to question where these clothes were coming from.

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