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It was a Saturday night. My wife had gone to England on business and the kids were away on holiday so I was alone in Hamburg on a hot summer's night. I headed for the Reeperbahn. I parked up on the Golden Mile and strolled down towards a bar I knew of old in a street off the main drag. As I walked along the street a lovely looking creature sitting at a table outside a bar smiled at me. I smiled back and strolled on past. I reached the bar but it had been transformed into a restaurant. I turned back.

As I approached the table where the lovely looker was sitting she smiled again and said “Guten Abend”. I sat down and offered to buy her a drink. We began chatting in German and it was obvious that she was not German so I asked where she came from. “Paris” she said. “I am half French and half Egyptian but I have a French passport and I travel between Hamburg and Paris regularly.” That explained the dark exotic looks. She told me her name was Nadia. By this time we had switched to speaking French which was easier for both of us.

She made it clear that she would go to bed with me for money if I wanted so we agreed a generous price and she took me to a nearby hotel where you pay for the rooms by the hour. She took the key and led me to a very pleasant bedroom. We wasted no time in stripping off and getting it on on the bed.

I lay on my back and she began to give me a blowjob without a condom. I told her I wanted to '69' her so she turned top to tail and supported herself on knees and elbows over me. Her prick was bigger than mine and she had big balls but I could handle that. She was lovely. We both sucked and licked and we were really enjoying it. We came together in each other's mouths. It was wonderful. We sat up, smiled at each other and kissed.

We got dressed and returned the key. Then we strolled hand in hand up the Reeperbahn. She asked me if I wanted to go for a drink in a bar she knew. I said yes and we went there and had one drink. The bar was almost empty so she suggested we could go on to the Pulverfass (Powder keg) Club and watch the Travestie Show. We hopped in a taxi.

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