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Myweekend with Kelly part 8

Slowly and sensually I dried her beautiful body, starting
at her feet, working my way up her shapely legs until I reached
her crotch. I avoided her cock instead reaching around
and drying her ass while I went to my knees. My mouth opened
as she pushed her hips forward, her cock slid into my mouth
all the way to the end.

She moaned and so did I.My hands were working working on
drying her ass when I dropped the towel, spread her cheeks
wide and inserted a finger inside of her.My tongue was swirling
around her cock, my mouth slowly working up and down her
shaft which was getting bigger and bigger.

Holding the top of my head to steady herself, slowly her
hips started pumping in and out. I stopped twirling my tongue,
relaxed my throat and took it down my throat all 8".

It didn't take her long with my finger working in and
out of her ass before she sped up her fucking of my face and
soon I felt the familiar throb and pulsation before she
shot her first stream down my throat. I eagerly swallowed
every last drop, savoring each and every one.All too soon,
she was done, her hands slipped from my head to my shoulders
to balance herself.

I stopped fingering her ass but left my finger inside, picked
her up and carried her over to the bed.Laying her down, my
finger slid out of her as I climbed onto the bed working my
body up against hers.

Her legs parted as she raised her knees up towards her ears.

She looked at me, smiled and said "I need you inside
of me and now".

I smiled, my cock was now resting at her ass pussy. I asked
"Is that what my Mistress desires of me, it would be
my pleasure" as I sunk inside of her slowly and lovingly.

We both sighed in ultimate pleasure. I started to slowly,
gently stroke my cock in and out of her pussy as we started
to kiss, our tongues dancing together. My speed slowly
picked up and soon I was hammering her fast and furiously.It
didn't take me long before I felt my balls tingling
and then starting to clench as my cum built up in pressure
inside. I soon started to shoot deep inside of her, my pumping slowed
as the cum barrage stopped flowing.

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