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My weekend with Nicole

So I believe I last left off about how me and Nicole started dating and let me say it was some of the best sex I've ever had but there is one particular time I could share.
So after about 2 months of dating I was basically staying almost exclusively at her place. So the first weekend I stayed when went out to dinner, I got up to go to the bathroom and right as I'm done she walks in the door and says "suck my dick in the stall, it will look funny if anyone walks in looks under and sees a guy on his knees in front of someone in heels" she was excited obviously and I'm nervous! This is a busy restaurant with all kinds of people and before I can even answer anything she lifts up her dress, pulls aside her panties and out flops her cock with that sexy fire red strip of hair and freshly shaved balls, "ok but hurry I'm hungry" i said. "You're about to be full right now" she replies instantly, my cock gets hard.
So we get in stall she pulls down her panties and shoves her cock in my face. It wasn't hard yet which turns me on even more cause I love the feeling of her cock growing in my mouth and tasting the precum. Just as she gets fully hard someone walks in! But I just keep going feeling her fat head and and juicy stab my mouth. As the guy finishes up I purposely suck on her balls to where she lets out a little moan. The guy laughs and must have peeked under the stall cause all the sudden all I here is a "what the fuck" and than he walks out. "Bad boy" she tells me and starts to fuck my face faster and faster till she lets out another moan as her cock starts shooting gobs of cum into my mouth! "Eat it all baby! You said you were hungry!" I tried to eat it all but there was so much it overflowed out of my mouth!
After we left the restaurant Nicole was still horny and so was I so she gave me road head all the way back to her apt right as we got there I moaned and I exploded in her mouth! As I look over at her she again is standing full salute that beautiful rock hard cock just staring at me.

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