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My weekend with Kelly part 9

My weekend with Kelly part 9

I rolled off of Kelly, pulling her on top of me.She placed
her head on my chest as my hands went down to her sweet tight

We layed like this for so long we actually fell asleep for
about an hour or so.

I was awakened to my cock being sucked on which I thought
was just a very erotic dream. When the daze cleared from
my head and I realized she was really sucking me, I let my
hands run through her long hair. She stopped, raised herself
up with her hands along my sides, smiled and said "I
love to wake my guy up like this".

I told her "I would LOVE to have you wake me up like this,
but what would be better is if your sexy ass was in my face
when I awaken".

She smiled and quickly swiveled around so her ass was in
my face. I quickly buried my face in her crack, licking and
sucking on her sweet hole which still had my cum in it while
she went back to sucking on me.

I reached around her waist and started to massage her erection
occasionally running my tongue from her hole past her balls
and along the side of her shaft.We were both moaning and
I knew that I was going to cum again and soon.

All of a sudden she stopped and climbed off of me, sat alongside
me on the edge of the bed. She looked at me and said "Were
you really serious about wanting to spend more than the
weekend with me?"

I looked at her, sat up as my hand went lightly and lovingly
around her back and said "Of course I do my dear.You
are exactly who I've been looking for for a very long
time. I want you with me, here, in OUR house."

She started to tear up, smiled, pushed me back onto my back,
climbed on top of me and attacked my neck, planting deep
kisses, sucking on my neck leaving some huge ass hickeys
as a result.

I wrapped my arms around her back and tried to kiss her back
but she was moving so frantically that we bumped foreheads
numerous times.

Once she slowed down, I was able to place small, light kisses
on her cheeks, forehead, and finally on her luscious lips.Once
our lips met, her mouth opened enough I was able to shove
my tongue into her mouth, our tongues met and were twisted
together in no time.This went on for quite awhile, sometimes
frantic, sometimes very passionately.

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