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My weekend with Kelly part 5

We cuddled on the floor, Kelly laying on top of me. Our cocks
were entwined. I had my arms wrapped around her, one on her
back the other holding her sweet tight ass.

Kelly raised up off of me, looked me in the eyes and said "This
has been the best I've been treated in a long time".

I told her, "Babe, the weekend has just begun".

Kelly lowered herself back down, her head resting on my
chest as she started to purr. All of a sudden, I heard her
start to whimper as my hands made their way between her cheeks,
exploring the outside of her hole. I just barely inserted
my finger inside of her, both of our cocks were hard at this

She raised her head from my chest, our lips met lightly.
We started to kiss harder and more passionately. She raised
up, pushing against my chest, onto her knees. My finger
had fully inserted inside of her anus at this point, pumping
in and out, loosening her up.

She looked into my eyes and said "I need your cock inside
of me" as she slid her ass down towards my very erect

I removed my finger and replaced it with my cock. It felt
so good to be back inside of her. I let her control the movements
as my hands went to her waist. Kelly started off with slow
forward and backward movements for a good 10 minutes before
stopping, looking at me lovingly in the eyes and saying
"a girl could get used to this if you want her too".

I looked back at her and said "I would LOVE to pleasure
you every night my dear".

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