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My weekend with Kelly part 4

After we got out of the tub and ate dinner I asked her if she
was ready for dessert.

Her eyes sparkled and said "Of course my dear".

I told her I'll meet her in the living room.

She stood as I moved her chair back from the table. I kissed
her lightly on her lips.

Then, leaving the kitchen and going to the master bedroom
to get myself ready. I applied some lube to my favorite dildo
and slid down on it stretching my hole to ready myself for
her. Walking out into the living room and finding her relaxing
on the coach. She didn't hear me come into the room as
I snuck up behind her. I reached over the coach back, lightly touching her breasts
as she looked up at me, I leaned over and again lightly kissed
her again. Moving around the end of the coach, I went to my
knees between her legs with my head bowed and asked, "My
Mistress, what would you like your pet do for you"?

She smiled as she lifted her skirt up and said "Suck
my cock and make me hard again BITCH"!

Quickly, my head went between her legs, engulfing her whole
cock in one gulp. It didn't take long and her beautiful
7" cock was hard again.Roughly, she pushed me off
her cock and said "Okay BITCH, on your hands and knees
with that ass high in the air.

Quickly, I assumed the position as Kelly got down behind
me. She saw the dildo sticking out about 2" still.
She pulled it out as quickly as she could, replacing it with
her cock slamming all the way into me, her balls were touching
mine, her nails digging into my waist. Slowly she slid out
until just her head was inside my ring before slamming all
the way back into me. She repeated this for the next 5 minutes
as my forehead was resting on the floor, All of the sudden,
I felt her stop with her balls resting on mine, she leaned
over my back, grabbed me by the hair, yanking my head up and
turning it to face her. She then said "You're going to serve me all weekend

I replied, "That will be my pleasure my Mistress".

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