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My weekend with Kelly

Kelly was ecstatic when I asked to stay for the rest of theweekend but she said shoe couldn't this weekend butshe definitely would like to.

It's been almost a month, but the weekend was here.

I made sure that my house had been cleaned really good thatweek by the cleaning crew and that I was completely hairless.
I went to a place a friend told me about who specialized inwaxing men.

When Kelly called me at lunch on Friday to tell me she was cumming over right after work, my cock was hard the whole rest of the afternoon.

She arrived around 6PM, pulling into my driveway where I was waiting for her. She rolled down her window and asked if she could park in the garage since the door was open.

I told her I had already planned that so we could have some privacy. She pulled her car into the garage as I walked in behind her closing the door.

She stepped out of her car in a blue "business" suit. I was in awe as I've always loved a woman who dresses like that. I walked over to her, reaching around her waist, leaned down and lightly kissed first her left cheek working around to her ear as my hand went down her back until it rested on her ass.

She pushed me back away, appearing angry. She then smacked my face and told me to kneel. I instantly dropped to my knees, hung my head low and said "I'm sorry my Mistress, I just couldn't help myself."

Kelly smirked, her hand went under my chin, raising my face up. She said, "now, grab my bags and let's go inside". She clicked the button on the remote opening the trunk of her car as I rose up and walked to the back of her car.

When I got there, I found a duffel bag and a garment bag. I reached in and grabbed both, closed the trunk and walked into the house. Kelly was waiting for me in the kitchen mixing herself a drink. I told her that I was going to put her bags in our room, to which she replied, "I see that you're remembering already".

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