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My Virgin Tale

It was a brutally cold winter night, even by Minnesota standards. It didn’t matter. I was just beginning my journey towards womanhood and needed to get out on the town for some much needed male attention. Technically, still in the closet, care was needed to make sure it went undiscovered anytime I stepped out looking fabulous. Since my girl-friend was out of town for a few days I was overcome by an urge much like a female kitty in heat, focused on finding someone to fill my tight tranny pussy.

I got in the tub and paid special attention to shaving and exfoliating, making sure every part of my slim, feminine body was smooth enough for hands to roam. Eyebrows, make-up, natural long blonde hair, everything perfect before showing myself in public.

I slipped in to a sexy little one piece dress I had found at a downtown shop a few weeks before. It hugged my body so beautifully I was getting excited seeing myself in it. The dress is just an after-thought for me however. The real beauty was the garter belt, lace-top ultra sheer stockings, and five inch leopard print pumps. At 5’ 10” and 135lbs., I’m a fortunate transsexual in that I can walk into any women’s store and buy right off the rack. I loved my trips to Wild Pair and Baker’s to find the latest “stripper” shoes!

Finally ready to go, I called a cab and took the long trip to downtown Minneapolis. It’s only five miles but it seems like a hundred when you are so you’re so ready to be preyed upon. We finally reached “The 90’s”, a local hang-out for the GLBT community. I paid the driver, opened the door and let my feminine, stocking encased legs stretch out to the sidewalk below. My spike heels clicked beautifully all the way to the entrance, where the bouncer opened the door to let me ease my way in. This is it….it begins.

The club has many areas and each of them has something different to offer. A dance annex, piano lounge, drag show, leather room, food and drinks. You can find almost anything you are looking for here.

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