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My two encounters with shemales

I love it when our readers submit their stories. This one was posted by Harry a couple hours ago and i think it deserves its own post. Let us call the story "My two encounters with shemales". Enjoy reading!

Last winter while on vacation I also had sex with the most beautiful shemale, wow! it was fantastic!.

Actually I had two encounters, the first time was with a tall babe but she was a little to big for me so we just jerker each other off then i finished in her lovely ass, then i jerker her off and she sprayed all over my chest. But the the next time it was with this cute, petite babe with short red hair and the nicest tits ever and her dick was only about 4 inches and it was so beautiful I had to suck it and stroke it and kiss and suck tits.

We were so worked up, we were so excited, then she said I want to fuck you, so she put some lube on her cock and my hole and she put it in me. Ah it felt wonderful like nothing I ever imagined, I was in heaven. Then she said I'm gunna cum then she really started to pound my ass and started to quiver and shake and moan... Oh it felt so good and I had the most powerful orgasm ever without even jerking on it. So guys I say don't wait, if you are thinking and wondering about making love with the third sex go for it, we only live once!

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