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My Ts Escorts Favorite Memories 2

There ain't nothing like finding a sexy mistress that makes you do things you wouldn't usually do.

I called her up wanting to fuck but instead she ended fucking me really good. I walked in her apartment and she had on a black sexy lace dress she stood about 5'9 super thick hips and short black hair to her shoulders.

She asked me what I like and I said anything my mistress wants. She made me strip and lay on the side of the bed while she stood over me pulling my head in towards her sweet cock.

I licked the tip of her clit with the middle of my tounge. Widening my lips around her cock swallowing her deeper and deeper. I began breathing through my nose and not raising my head up off her cock and deep throating in clock wise motion.

She moaned crazy and began spanking my ass with her whip. I arched up my ass and she asked me "Does papi want to get fucked by me" I couldn't say no. She pulled out her cock and made me bend over.

My face was down and ass was up for my mistress. She ate my asshole and jerked my cock making me moan like her bitch. Next she shoved in her big 9 inch cock in slowly. She pushed in and started pumping slow working her way faster and faster.

The deeper her cock went in the better it felt. She suddenly stop fucking me because she had seen I almost came "Don't cum slave I cum first". She pulled out and walked over to the other end of the bed where my face was.

She pushed my face towards her cock and made me suck her again. I slurped that cock as best I could sucking on it harder and harder and swallowing it deeper and deeper.

She said " Your such a good cock sucker you deserve to feel my cum juice your ass" "Do you want my cock's cum in your ass?, Say it loud for me " "Yes mistress I want your cock's cum juice in my ass"

She walked around and fucked me doggy style really fast, I came right away feeling her cock going in out my ass really fast. She came in me while she had her hand over my bald head. She reached over stroke me and kissed me while her cock was in my ass.

I love my mistress never thought I would like to bottom but hey don't knock it till you try it with a sexy ass women with a beautiful cock

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