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My Ts Escorts Favorite Memories 1

I tend to turn to my dirty secret once a week. I had been searching for months for the sexiest escort to call when I finally got the nerve to call the ads on backpage. My most recent one was for a Cuban Goddess with a 9 inch FF verse, tall slim big titty small waist tight booty..

When I got to the telly she wore a pink tight dress and had on her high heels she lead me to the bedroom and climbed the bed on all fours and turned her head around and blow a kiss at me.

I kissed her feet and softly kissed my way up to her tighs she had a beautiful flower tattoo on her tigh. I worked my way to her tight asshole and stuck my tongue deep into her sweet asshole. She flexed her asshole really tight and she worked her asshole like this till my tongue started licking up her sweet crack I swear she tasted so good.

She then turned around and exposing her soft clit. I had never really seen such a beautiful cock till I seen hers. I deep throating her feeling each suck making her soft clit go hard and in matter of seconds I could feel her cock grow hard my throat. The head of her cock was so big it felt so good licking the tip of her cock. The bitter taste of her percum tastes so good and salty.

I licked her cock starting from the bottom of her balls turning my head side ways having my tongue out as far as I could so I could lick her shaft. I was in heaven looking up to see her beautiful face. She held my chin and the top of my head and set the pace of the movement of my head going up and down on her big 9 inch cock. Im no rookie so I made her cock disappear my throat. She would then speed up the pace of my head moving up and down to where you could hear slurping noises of my mouth and her cock make while it came in and out.

She pulled me up next her and laid on her side. She grapped my dick and shoved it in her. Omg She was so tight I fucked her and stroked her cock the whole time.
As I pumped good dick in her she turned around to kiss me. She asked me if I'd suck her again and swallow her cum. I was more then happy to get on my knees on the side of the bed and suck her sweet cock as fast as I could making my head go in circles on the way up sucking and using the side of my cheek on the way down. I love it when I felt the salty taste of cum on my tongue.

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