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My Transsexual Neighbor

I was excited when I heard the news that someone was finally renting the apartment across the hallway from mine. The place had been empty ever since George left. We got along pretty good and would occasionally hit the nearby club during the weekends. I was hoping that the new tenant would be like George but the landlord avoided answering any questions.

I did meet the new tenant by accident when they were moving in. I was coming home from work when a shapely redhead with long legs was struggling with a large box up the stairs. She was wearing worn-out blue jeans and a white t-shirt. I offered my assistance and we managed to get the large box up the stairs and on the third floor. I introduced myself once I discovered our destination and welcomed her to the apartment building.

“I live in the apartment across the hallway,” I said as she unlocked her door. “If there is anything you need, just ask for me.”

“Thanks,” she said with a slight Brazilian accent. “I’m Renee and I thank you so much for helping me with this box.”

“No problem and I could help you finish moving.”

“I would love that.”

I helped her move more boxes into her new apartment and then I invited her to share a pizza with me. I called for a pizza to be delivered and helped her empty some of the boxes in the kitchen while we waited. The pizza finally arrived and we enjoyed eating it.

“Thank you so much for your help,” Renee said.

“No problem,” I said. “I just don’t see why the landlord was so secretive about you since you seem like a very nice lady.”

“I told him not tell anyone about my secret but I think I can trust you too. I’m a pre-op transsexual.”

I had to think her words over so I was silent for a while. I could see how some people in the building might not like having a transsexual living in the same apartment building but the majority would welcome her with open arms. After all, they accepted Hank and Vince on the second floor being a gay couple.

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