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My transsexual girlfriend

.........I used to date a transsexual woman named Lexxi for about a year. I loved her cock so much it was amazing. It was 9 inches with a 6 inch girth and mine was 8 inches five and a half inch girth. (we measured both of our cocks together). Every morning she would wake up with a pulsating hard dick and i would suck it relgiously. She would wear boxer briefs to sl**p and sometimes she wouldn't shower if she had a long day, so she still had a slight musk between her thigh and balls. She was a manager at a transgender strip club so i would meet tons of beautiful girls that worked there. one day they had a dick sucking contest with me it was about three of them. My girlfriend sat back and jerked off while her friends took turns deepthroating and sucking my cock one by one. it took about ten minutes of ball licking ass eating and double teaming me for me to shoot a big load all over their faces. When my girlfriend saw me cum it pushed her over the edge and she also came. I usually ate all of her cum if she came in my mouth or even if it landed on her stomach but this time she stood next to me and came on their faces also. I pretty much worshipped the ground she walked on. I knew i wouldn't find a girl as pretty with a cock that big for a long time.
One day she came home with a guy from the club and asked me to film them fucking. I obliged. Sometimes the girls walk around the club with their cocks out so the guys can know who their going to pick for a private dance. My girl didn't but this guy paid her 500 cash to whip it out. He then paid her another thousand to suck her dick on the way here. When she got home her dick head was wet and still hanging out of her panties. I grabbed the camcorder as she was already fucking his mouth. I heard lots of spit and gagging as she asked him why he was tearing up sarcasticly. "You never had a dick this big before in your throat?" She asked. He mumbled "No." She still had on her 5 inch platform heels. She took them off and made him suck her toes.

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