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My three times with shemales

Hello, I first became attracted to Shemales while watching a girl on girl porn movie. A surprise was there was a sexy girl that dropped her panties and out came a huge cock.

I was stunned but really arroused. I then became curious and surfed the net for Shemales. I kept thinking something was wrong with me, I love girls but every time I seen a hot looking girl with a cock I got really wet. I would masturbate two or three times a day while looking at Shemale porn. I bought videos, and checked out every Shemale site. I then got to where I called phone sex lines. I really wanted to experience a chick with a dick. I searched through a local metro entertainment paper and found some Transsexuals for hire.

The first experience I had was strange yet exciting. I remember seeing her remove her clothes and seeing her huge penis and balls. I never got so wet in my life. I played with her cock until it became hard, then I touched my throbbing cock with hers and jacked us both. She also played with my cock and I asked her to cum on my chest. I couldn't believe I had experienced that.

A year later I wanted another experience, so I tried it again. This time I was really curious about sucking her cock. I couldn't believe I really wanted to do this but the urge was so bad that I had to. We both got undressed and she layed down on her bed and spread her legs. I began to lick then suck on her limp but big penis. I still remember feeling her meat getting bigger in my mouth, feeling it pulsing with every suck from my mouth. The taste and texture of her throbbing head on my lips and tongue were extremely pleasant and sent me into a uncontrolable sucking frenzy. Later she jacked me off while she fingered my ass.

My third time was with a very attractive Black Shemale who looked alot like Tyra Banks only with a huge 9 inch surprise. I really enjoyed that girl.

I am married now and will probably never experience this again although I still surf the Shemale sites and enjoy fantasizing about those lovely girls with dicks when I'm alone. There is something unexplainable about a beautiful girl with something extra down below!!! All I can say is experience it at least once I never regret it.

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