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My Story...

Hy my name is Noemi and this is my story...
I was nearly five years, my parents sleep and my sister stayed overnight at a girlfriend. I allways looked at her tights, skirts, dresses and shoes admiring (she is six years older)and i was jealous that she could wear such beautiful clothes.
I liked to be a boy but i dont like my clothes they were so boring and feel uncomfortable.
This morning i absolutely want to know how it feels to wear tights. I remember that my sis had a few colours (red, blue, black, skincoloured) i tried on the red one. This moment change my life completely, it felt soo tailored, slicky, flexible and comfortable that i wont take them off. From this day on i used every unwatched time to wear them,
later i wear her slips to and she never find out anything over 4 jears till she left home for her apprenticeship.
That makes me sad and not only because she left ;) i was missing my (her) dresses, skirts, slips and pantyhoses mainly because they were getting hotter in the last year when she lived at home.
Fortunately i have a mother.....and lot of time after school =)
So i looked what's in her wardrobe and i realy liked what i saw. She had so many lingery, shoes and i get in touch with my first stockings and high heels i find them realy hot and attractive so much that my penis gets hard i was wondering why i feel so confused n sexy and why my pulse getting so high...i precum first time...
In my teenage years i start to buy my own clothes i only used my mom's heels and make up to get fully dressed.
Since iam 18 i wear tights or leggings and string under my pants i love the feeling on my shaved skin. So it happens that last winter my mother saw that iam wearing pantyhose and she asks me. I turned red and say why you asking and than i saw that i forgot to put on socks and it was a black pantyhose .....
I sayed yes i like them in winter they keep me warm. Let me have a look please she say's and i thought really but then i let down my jeans. She comes to me strokes over my tigh and says looks cute (it was a 40DEN). After this she buys me two leggings and says that its not so cold. My mother is the only person who sees me in tights. But now in summer i can not say i wear them because its hot :( i want soo much to tell her my secret but iam affraid.
So thats it.

THX for reading


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