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My Sisters transsexual friend

Before I begin this is a true experience that is still ongoing.
It all started when I was 15 years old. My sister Sarah who was 18 invited me out for drinks with her friends at the local pub. I was underage but she got me in with ease. Me and Sarah got a drink before sitting with her friends. Sarah introduced me, they were all beautiful girls however one was older than the rest, this one was in her mid 20s. She was tall skinny and looked like a model. The night went on with great fun and laughter. The older one was called Eva. Eva told me that she was gay. And that her mum never liked her boyfriend I was confused. I didn't know if I was hearing things. Embarrassingly I asked her. Are you not gay? She replied "yes hunny I like cock". I was still dazed and said "but your a girl". Eva began to laugh and said "a girl with a surprise". This stage I knew. I was stunned at what was before me. My fantasy was sitting before me.

There was many nights after this when we were all out together and we got to know each other secretly my thoughts were of fulfilling my dream. However I was too young. She would always make jokes of how her panties are older than me and how she is an old woman and I wouldn't want an old woman. one of the nights we were in my house all of us. My sister Eva my friends and my girlfriend at the time. I needed to use the bathroom. When I left she was going in, it was an awkward bypass with her hand grabbing my cock. I was so surprised. I told her no I can't my gf. She told me she would suck it better than my girlfriend ever would.

When I was 18 I ran into her the first time in a year or 2. I was single. She told me that if I wait at the steps behind the pub she will show me a good time. I was excited, drunk, young and foolish. All I could think of was what that pretty cock would be like under her black dress. I waited nervously, she came round the corner and grabbed my hand. We walked up the steps and found a dark corner. She told me she was waiting years to suck my young hard cock. She pulled my trousers down and sucked it so good. She eventually told me she always pictured her tounge in my ass, so she put me on my belly. I than sucked her cock and I chummed over her panties and cock.

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