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My sisters Tgurl friend

My sister has a friend who is a Tgurl. I didn't know it. I thought she was just a slightly taller hot chick. I'll call her Christy. Well one day I was at my sisters apartment just hanging out when Christy came over. We were watching TV for a while when My sis said she wanted to go over to a shop at the mall. I said didn't want to go anywhere I wanted stay put. To my somewhat surprise Christy didn't want go either. So my sis said she was taking off, and would be back in few. After she left Christy and me were just on the couch watching TV and talking . The TV was acting up, so I went over to it, and tried to see what was wrong,. Well I was bent over a little and thong panties became exposed. (I'm a panty wearing guy which I kept to myself) Christy saw my pink thong, and made a snarky little laugh. I knew she saw my panties sticking out ouf my levis. I turned around blushing . Christy said, I didn't know you wore girls underwear. Embarrassed I said I did don't tell anybody. OK she said. I have a secret too. I think you're cute. Stunned I said you're hot also. Christy got up and went over to me and said I have another secret, I have a cock .I had been into Tgurl porn, but I was speechless. So I said show me. Christy lifted up her skirt and pulled aside her sexy bikini panties and whipped out her uncut she-cock. I Went for it and started kissing her. I grabbed her dick and she became rock hard. Christy after kissing me went down on her knees pulled down my pants exposing my pink thong she giggled a little then pulled down my panties and started to kiss and lick my rock hard uncircumcised tool. I almost jizzed, she stopped sucking and said its your turn to suck cock and have you ever blown a Tgurl ? I said no but I knew what to do. I pushed her panties to the side and went for it I sucked her cock bit and pulled foreskin using teeth and tongue. I deep throated her Christy was moaning with pleasure anfter about 5 minutes of me sucking her shaved uncut she cock, we moved to the couch where I continued to blow her.

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