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My sissy experience

I guess you could call me a sissy, maybe even a whore but one things for sure... I love cock. So my story begins as a young teenage boy, curious like most. I would raid my sisters panty drawer for the excitement of trying on her sexy lingerie. It became an addiction, I couldn't help but want more. I would begin to try on her clothes, skirts, dresses, tops etc. I would feel so feminine, so sexy trying on her clothes and modelling infront of the mirror she had in her bedroom. It made me feel alive.

But like most, I wanted more, I wanted to look like a girl. So then I began to try make up... putting on sexy red lipstick and pouting my lips just like she did in her photos. Then some eyeliner, nail paint and foundation. I really felt so beautiful with my face all tarted up and dressed to the nines. I began to wonder if this was actually who I was supposed to be, a sexy little girl.

Over many years I would do the same routine in secret, dressing up and taking photos of myself but never going further. I began to amass quite a collection of photos of myself, which is when I decided to post a few online, just to see what people thought. It gave me a real rush to get the comments back from people saying how 'gorgeous' I was and how 'sexy' I looked. I even was quite fond of the odd fan photo, but I'd never felt attracted to men before. That was all about to change. Seeing the pleasure I gave those men made me feel all funny inside, I just wanted to show people in person how beautiful I was. That's when it turned from hobby to sexual desire.

It started with just meeting men in hotel rooms in the dark, I'd become brave enough to show myself to real people. I would suck these random men and pleasure them all I could until they gave me my reward. That first taste of cum was it, I was hoooked. I wanted more and more. I would regularly meet the same men, over and over just for the reward. I would play with myself using toys and all sorts just so they could get off and give me the cum I so madly craved. I would fuck my ass with dildos, vibrators and anal plugs that these men had bought me, they got such a thrill from seeing me play.

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