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My personnal baptism

After 7 years of sissy brainwashing , I'm 42 years old :
- First blowjob January 22,2019,want more and more sucking and swallowing !
- January 26,2019 , friday after midnight: 2 blowjobs (with an old man, and a guy with a 20 cmx6cm huge dick,I couldn't deep thraot the guy) + blowjob and anal with creampie inside.
- February 15,2019 : Hard blowjob with a drunk man,he mouthfucked me really hard deepthroating,I almost vomit , he fucked my whole mouth and thoat includings sides and cheeks ..etc, he start shouting when I blowed him and swallowed his cum.
- thursday february 21st,2019 after midnight (so friday);I got a dream dick from a black guy,really good hard cock 17 cm x 5 cm,huge load of tasty cum,5 mn sucking.I got my revenge : I did deepthroat many times and managed his hard mouthfucking.
more to come ...

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