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My neighbor

Peter invited me up to his place to show me the lady I saw through my window. She was a beauty with very sexy lingerie and silk stockings. Her tits were large And I could see them under her transparent top. It didn't take long before I realized she was Peter, only beautiful and sexy.

Sit and enjoy she said, which I quickly did and "Paula" began a slow turn while rubbing her tits and ass. Her cock was tucked down and didn't show at all. Paula asked if I wanted to feel her tits , of course I did. They were nice and squishy and held in place with some kind of halter. I loved them.

What do you think of my secret? My cock was trying to get out of my shorts as I said how unbelievable this whole show was.

There is more if you're willing to do as I say. I could barely say OK, my knob stuck out the bottom of my shorts.

Stand up and close your eyes. Paula got very close, I smelled her perfume, her lips shone from red lipstick and she lightly touched my cheek with her lips and tongue. I felt her hips and leg slide across my cock. As she kneeled down my shorts hit the floor.
Her tongue circled my knob and licked my hole. You taste great. Open your eyes.

What a sight, my cock sticking out right at her mouth, her bright red lips locked on to my knob and she gave me a big suck. I could barely stand. Her mouth closed over my cock and started bobbing up and down with wonderful suction.
She quickly switched to my balls and gave them a mouth massage that was out of this world. A short trip back to my cock to suck my precum and she dropped lower to my asshole. Her tongue drove me insane her deep kisses on my asshole were to die for. She left a red ring around my asshole. One more visit to lick my dripping cock and she stood up and stuck her tongue in my mouth and we shared a nice amount of my juice.

Are you ready to please me? To suck everywhere I sucked? To kiss me deeply all over my body? To taste my juice?

I babbled something and before I knew it she was doggy style on the floor with her hips wide as can be telling me to start on her asshole. A milli second later I was drilling my tongue up her hole, kissing her puckered asshole, sticking my nose in as well. I rubbed my face into her soft flesh and held her ass tightly and began a soft licking all over her ass.

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