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My Naughty She Male Photo Session And A Night To Remember!

He was a photographer that I was supposed to work with on my first she male photo session. Let me tell you about Jamal. He is a strong guy, with the body to die for, and I must say I was fantasizing about him from the moment I saw him. I loved being in front of the camera and I enjoyed every minute of my she male photo session with Jamal!

I was showing off my curvy hips, soft boobs and he could see the bulge in my panties. I was enjoying my sexy she male photo session, and I was fantasizing about him and his stiff rod deep in my throat and my tiny ass-hole. Jamal said, that he was stroking his cock thinking about me and that he would love to take me to dinner.

We met on a really hot night and I was wearing a tight top, and a knee-length skirt. We have made reservations for dinner, however we never got to the restaurant. The moment we sat in his car he started to kiss me passionately. I was so hard and prepared to do whatever he says.

My pre-cum was all over my small panties, and then he slid his hand between my legs and felt my erected tool. I could see his excitement while he was nibbling on my nipples and I wanted him badly. I wanted him to fuck me hard. So, I went in the back seat and offered him my cute butt.

He jumped in the back seat, and started to force his cock up my bum without any lubricants. The pain was amplifying my pleasure. He was grabbing my cock with one hand, while squeezing my breasts really hard. He gave me the shivers, while banging my butt hard and squeezing my balls. My sperm bursted out unexpectedly, but he hadn't finished yet.

I swallowed his cock quickly, and started to suck on it hard while licking his cock-head with my tongue. I was licking his cock and balls, and I could feel his climax coming. I opened my mouth and waited for his juices. He came almost in my throat, and I swallowed his cum with delight. We sat in the car for another hour not saying much just exchanging glances and smiles.

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