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My Job, For The Past Five Years

Hey, everyone! This is Eva Patricia Meglesch and I am really pleased to welcome you to my personal Sissy Social page!

I am currently located in Bucharest, Romania and I have been employed for the past 5 years as a Front-Desk Receptionist for a women's fashion/clothing& accessories company, AquarElle Studios. In my spare time, I also model outfit presentations for MBG Fashion Bucharest and I am presenting a webcast as well, "Office Attire & Demeanor". Even though my work-place is not situated in a crowded area or big bussiness center, I can safely say that I am in the position of a very lucky girl-I get to spend ten to twelve hours a day, seven days a week as a very elegant and strict office lady, as the Front-Desk Receptionist job, in my company,at least, is very demanding.You would be surprised to find out how many daily tasks a receptionist like me has to fulfill.

I am here to know more people and make friends and, quite possibly, meet my future generous master/owner, who will further train me and shape me to best suit his needs. I like being pampered with provocative blouses and lingerie, really high heels and short and fit skirts; In return I have been professionally trained to provide personal assistance and secretarial services at the highest standards. Please know that I am available and available for any questions you might have.

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