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My Greek Goddess

I'm Caroline. I'm 27 years old and I work as a solicitor in the West End of Edinburgh. I'm generally considered quite attractive, five-feet-five tall with dark blonde shoulder length hair and a pretty face, featuring big green eyes and pouty lips, and a nice figure with C-cup boobs. I've been blissfully married for three years to Rab, a successful self-employed builder and general tradesman. In that time I've never so much as looked at another man, let alone a woman...until that day at the gym.

It's actually a small private health club, in the shadow of Calton Hill. I'd done my usual workout and had just emerged from the showers. The place had been quiet – it usually is just after lunchtime – but one other user had caught my eye: a tall woman, probably six feet, working up a real sweat on the stepper machine, giving it laldy as we say here. She was about 30 I guessed, with long black hair which flew as she pounded the steps, making her difficult not to notice. As I passed I had vaguely taken in that, despite rather a prominent nose, she was quite attractive, with a swarthy Mediterranean complexion and huge knockers.

Anyway, as I towelled myself down and began to dress, the dark woman emerged from the shower area as well. Her locker was a couple of feet from mine, and she opened it, pulled her clothes out and dropped them pm the bench. Nothing unusual there – until she dropped her towel. Her tits were even bigger than I'd realised, but that wasn't what caught my eye – hanging from between her thighs was the most enormous cock! I didn't mean to stare, but I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. I think I must have uttered an involuntary gasp too, because she tensed slightly, and noticed me gaping at her. She didn't seem that concerned by my interest, just grinned and gave me quite a lascivious wink! Feeling my face burning with embarrassment I turned away, quickly pulled on my T-shirt over my bra and scuttled out of the changing room with still damp hair.

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