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My First Time as a Girl

I was hoping to hook up with a straight guy.

I have 2 b*****rs and a s****r I’m the youngest and a Freshman in high school. Always been fem preferred to play with my s****r and her dolls. My dad is an ex-marine. Tough guy. My b*****rs are following in dad’s footsteps, military orientated. I‘m a big disappointment. My dad accepts me for what I am now. My mom always stands up for me when my dad criticizes me for acting like a girl.

My b*****rs look on me more as a s****r than a b*****r. Weird as it sounds I am more fem in a way than my s****r. I like to dress up in my s****r’s clothes and wear make up. I have long blonde hair and green eyes. 5’6”, 126 lbs, skinny. I’m the smallest in height and weigh less than any of my siblings.

I have always dressed up as a girl when I could and played with my s****r more than playing with my b*****rs when I was younger. I felt more like my true self when I was dressed up like a girl and wearing makeup. I’m a girl in a man’s body. When I was in younger, I would hang out with my s****r, dressed as a girl, guys would chat me up and try and date me. Some of the guys were real hot and fit. Fooling around is a big difference to going with a guy on a date. I would probably end up getting beaten up. I was tempted to take the risk many times. Would be great to have a straight guy kiss and hug me. Fuck if only I was a girl.

I was getting more and more frustrated. Being that close to a straight guy and doing nothing. I had been to gay bars and clubs and hooked up with gay guys. I wanted to know what it was like with a straight guy. I wanted what I call a real man! More like my dad or b*****rs.

My s****r had met Garry the night before and could not stop talking about him. He had invited her to a party. The party was for couples. He explained to her that he had a buddy and could she arrange a blind date for him. If not the party invitation was off. My s****r was really turned on by the guy and wanted to go on the date.

She was frantically phoning round her girlfriends trying to arrange a blind date. None of the girls she considered worth asking were free that night. She was getting more and more frustrated at the thought of missing out on a date with Garry.

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