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My first tgirl Seduction, Damn Magnum

I decided to finally just go with my biggest fantasy for years, make love to a Ts. I Drive 18 wheelers across America and Im a very to myself kind of person. But at the sametime I can be that socual butterfly, standing 6 foot 5 having a tool 11 plus inches, I knew I needed special size condoms. Not to mention a very experienced tgirl. So there I was alone in my truck browsing backpage in the current city I was in when I came across a couple of girls who I thought had great potential. The first girl I called after seeing her page a couple times. I would casually look up tgirls on escort sites for years never have I acted, she was just so beautiful, her style, the way she dressed. Her boobs weren't huge but not small either, nice size hips and ass. Her nails and toes french tips in very casual heels. I just told myself if there was any tgirl to seduce my socks off it would be her. So I call her, play it smooth and ask did she know were the cannibus was, she replies I do I tell her cool imma slide threw. She replies cool but I have to do laundry, I tell her hit me up when she done. I go out a soon as I get off the phone with her, I head to a Walmart. I buy batman pjs and a batman shirt and simple black pair of house shoes. My look was comfy yet swagger ap proved, after I showered and got dressed I text girl number one. I got no reply so a hour in a half later I call, I ask her is everything okay. She never got my text, so I ask for her address and im there in twenty minutes. I walk up the stairs to the apartment I smell cannibus in the air, the tgirl lied. She stole pictures Photoshoped them or something it wasnt her I was disappointed and pissed. But still I played everything cool, we smoked and talked. Her breast were okay, she answered door topless. Remained topless my entire time with her, I told her I wanted to do porn. She said I shouldnt, until I showed her a trending video on a internet site. The tables were turned I was this tall dark and handsome man she didnt expect to see and she was nothing her profile stated. Crusty feet, nails looking like shit, no way in hell. I have been celibate a year and eleven months. My first tgirl would fit my standards I refuse to settle.So we talk about porn and the industry. She ask to do a film with me I decline politely, time went on before I knew it some other poor guy was being set up for failure.

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