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My First Sissy Meet Up

I had posted an add on craigslist asking people to let me suck them off at my place.

After sorting out all the answers that I got I found a guy, John, that was incredibly eager, we agreed a time and date.

The day came and I woke up so nervously. But I was determined to not let it show so I got up bright and early and jumped in the shower, I made sure I was nice and clean everywhere. I exfoliated everywhere and rubbed myself down with moisturizer and lavender oil. Making myself feel as feminine as possible, I had put my clothes out the night before, some nice red and black crotchless lacy panties with matching bra and some black stockings with little red bows. A pink crop top that showed of my cleavage which gave me the appearance of a bigger bust and a denim skirt that only just hid my bum; until I bent over.

I then started with my make-up; I applied blush to my face just enough to make me look like a slut, some bright pink lipstick and some black eyeliner and mascara.
I tie my hair up into pig-tails so my man has something to hold on to. Next was the hardest decision what shoes to wear? The striper heels or the sneakers, I went for the sneakers; they just fitted the whole outfit perfectly.

I get a message from John that he was outside my door; I rushed downstairs and composed myself I open the door and just marvelled at him, he was just wearing a pair of shorts and a white tank top. His massive masculine frame was just spilling out from his clothes. He towered over me at 6ft7” all muscle.

“Welcome to my home master. Please come in” I managed to whisper through my shock of seeing him.

“Thank you slut” he dominantly said as he walked in.

As he walked in I notice he has a small bag with him. As I shut the door he reaches into the bag and pulls out a collar with the word slut on it, he places it around my neck and attaches a leash.

“On your knees bitch”

I do as I’m told as he pulls me upstairs, we get into my room and he ties my leash onto the bed frame; there is enough room for me to move around the bed but not much else.
He then proceeds to take his shorts of right in front of me and his massive 7½ inch cock slaps in the face.

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