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My First Filling

It was my 18th birthday and my friends were getting on my back about still being a virgin. They’d pick on me about having not had sex with a gir yet, but they didn’t know that I fantasied about something other than a girl, I lusted and craved myself a trans partner. All the fun of a girl but with a little extra flavour added to the equation. They’d been getting on my back for ages leading up to my birthday but on the day it felt extra overwhelming. So I hit the net and searched out what I’d craved for so long, that’s when I found her. Nicole, she had all natural tits as she’d begun taking hormones at a younger age and they’d developed into nice perky little boobs, not too little l, but just enough for a handful.

I shot her an email explaining that I was a virgin and telling her the situation, noting that it was my birthday too. She sent me one within the next ten minutes explaining that she was fully booked for the day, but as it was my birthday she’d see if she could squeeze me in, and I replied saying that’d be wonderful, is she could somehow squeeze me in, I’d try my hardest to squeeze her in too, if you know what I mean ;)

She finally got back to me a couple of hours later saying that she’d postponed two clients and that they had no issue with it. She said if I was able to supply some kind of proof of my birthday she’d happily give me a discount and do a two hour session for the price of an hour and half. I excitedly accepted and arranged a meeting for later that night at a nearby hotel, she said she’d book a room and text me the address and room number later on.

I few hours pass and I get a message from her with all the info I needed for my hot night, I arrived at the hotel about 10:30 that night and ask the receptionist how to get to the room. I take the elevator up to the 24th floor and with sweaty palms and a pocket full of cash I knock on the door. She answers in a black satin robe, taking my hand and leading me into the room.

She sits me down on the bed and we get the business out of the way first. Then she takes my hand and sits me in the armchair that’s in the corner of the room placing a blindfold over my eyes telling me not to move as she sneaks off to the restroom to “freshen up”.

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