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My First Crossdresser

Only a few years back in my young 20's i discovered Craigslist. I had no idea something like that existed and was immediately drawn to it. After building up the courage to meet up with a few guys a couple times i found an add in the T4M section. I got instantly hard when i seen this girls pictures. A slim sexy girl with an ass to die for and a desire for Cock. After some back and forth emailing for a few days we agreed to meet in her place.

I went around to her place late that night when the coast was clear of her housemates about 1a.m or so. My heart was pounding and i was really excited, it felt like what i was doing was sneaky, wrong and naughty and i loved it. I parked around the corner as not to raise suspicion, call her then went into her garden, walked over her decking and knocked on her window. She lived on the side part of house with nobody above her. A few seconds after i knocked on the window as i stood in this random persons garden hoping i wouldn't get spotted i heard the door unlock and she slid the door open, she disguised herself behind the curtain and i then slowly and nervously entered into a pitch black room.
Now it was dark enough to the point we wouldn't make out who each other was or blow either party's identity but enough light where we could see each others body and silhouette.
She had long dark hair, was wearing super sexy high stocking's with a g-string, a corset and 6inch high heels, which made her ass so perky and desirable.

I stood in the middle of the room and she very slowly and sensually walked over to me. I felt such a rush, my heart was racing and my Cock was rock hard. Just as we were nearly face to face she slowly turned around, put her hands up in her hair, stuck out her ass and pressed it against my Cock and started grinding on me. She turned around and then lifted up her hand and gently placed it onto my Cock over my bottoms. She could feel how hard i was and she loved it, letting out a little moan, knowing she was about to devour my Cock down her throat.

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