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My Fantacy

I'm sitting here watching porn thinking about how bad I want laid. So, I figured I'd post a quick story of something that's been on my mind lately. See, I'm craving a good dicking. But, not only that. I want to wear my new stockings and garter belt with a black bra, lace thong and little black dress. I have this desire to get on my knees and suck a nice hard cock while I'm fingering myself. But, I want someone else to come behind me and start licking my ass and shoving their tongue inside me. But, I'm craving cock so I tell them to slide into me. It feels so good having a fat cock slowly slide into my ass. After their dick is deep inside me they can begin pumping and fuck me while I'm sucking the other persons dick. I want them to cum in my mouth while I'm getting fucked. I just imagine them cumming in my mouth with a dick in my ass would turn me on so much I'd cum in my little panties. But, the person in my ass has to cum inside me. After they cum in me I'll finger myself with their cum while I suck the rest off their cock. But, after that they can go home or stick around for round two. Either way, I have a goal of making this happen soon.

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