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My encounter with hot sexy crossdresser in Pune

Dear friends Im 6ft tall fair handsome male with big thick cock and mad fan of shemales and crossdressers. I love feminine boys or cross dressers.
I was searching for CDs on G4m and while searching I came across this guy who loves to cross dress. his all pics are hot and sexy and he has done a portfolio shoot of his photographs.
All in Indian Saree and dress and typical bridal costume, I went mad looking at them and I left message with my contact to him;
he called me and we spoke and finalized our date on coming weekend. I went and picked him up from a joint and he was dressed in typical boy clothes then we went to my apartment and he said give me 15 mins to get ready.
I was little confused that have I made right decision or not??
but when he cam out after getting ready I was astonished with his sorry her beauty. so beautiful, so delicate, so feminine, and cool looking cd.
then he/ she came near me and I really felt like im dating a girl.
he/she then started licking my ear lobs and neck region which made me wild and my cock sprang to life.
he/she slowly started unbuttoning my shirt and slowly licking way down to my chest and my nipples.
I was going real crazy and I held her and hugged tightly and then made my way to bed and lay her down.
then I started licking him from top to bottom.
I removed his saree and saw a sexy smooth slim body before me.
then I removed his thong and there saw a little winy hanging down.
then I slowly started inserting my figure in her ass hole.
and she started squirming and moaning uhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh aauuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhhh
then I lubed up her ass and put a condom on my cock and put my cock head on his tiny ass hole and applied some pressure.
his brown eye allowed my cock to enter that heaven and there went my cock fully in.
wow wot a sensation and feeling, she was sooooooooooooo tighttttttttttttttt I tell you.
then I started fucking her slowly and fucked and fucked her for almost 15 minute and I felt I was gonna cum fast.

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