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My dream Pt 1

This is my first story..... I am myself as Sydney and this is written with what i hope the person who falls for me thinks of....
It wasn't my idea to move to Phoenix; well it really was my choice on where I would live. But it wasn't my idea to quit my job as a commodity broker on Wall Street. That's not exactly a true statement either. It was my idea to quit my job after the doctor told me either I find some other job that was less stressful or die of a heart attack by the age of forty.

I walked into the doctors office thinking I had bad case of heartburn. All I needed was a couple of pills and I would be as good as new. Every one in my field had some sort of indigestion and they all had the pink and blue pills to relieve it. Why shouldn't they work for me? The doctor listened to my chest and the next thing I knew I was in the hospital so they could run a battery of tests on me.

I figured the doctor was just trying to make money on me. I had great heath insurance and it was paying most of the bill. I had nothing to worry about. I was young, thirty-five. I was in reasonably good heath. I wasn't overweight, in fact for my age and height I was underweight.

Okay I could have exercised more and the stress test proved that. I mean in no time I was breathing heavy and I could feel my pulse start to race. Within ten minutes I felt like I could have passed out. But the nurse, or whatever she was, giving the test stopped me.

She called the doctor and had me sit down. She kept asking if I was all right. When the doctor arrived he took one look at the graph and told me I was done for the day. I was taken back to my room and I rested the rest of the day.

The next morning my doctor came into my room with a folder thick as a bible under his arm. After going over the test results with me he told me I was in reasonably good shape but I couldn't handle anymore stress on a daily basis. I had to find a job that had little or no stress while my body recovered from the ordeal I had put it through.

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