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My Daughter and I Visit a Lesbian Bar

It is an extremely warm Saturday night and my eighteen year old daughter Krissy and I are sitting around in the house having conversation while we drink sparkling wine. Around midnight I suggest it might be fun if we took off our clothes and sat outside on the front porch. Krissy giggles for a few moments then we both stand up and strip naked.

We sit on the front porch for about a half hour while we drink the rest of the sparkling wine. I don't feel like going to bed just yet, so I stand up and suggest to Krissy that we go for an evening stroll around the neighborhood. She replies to me, "You mean right now without any clothes on?"

Within a few seconds we are holding hands and walking completely naked down our driveway to the sidewalk. I have second thoughts about walking through the neighborhood completely nude because the bright moon makes it almost like daytime, but Krissy is enjoying herself.

After we have walked about a block, I notice an elderly woman walking her equally old little dog on the sidewalk a few houses down. When we get closer to her, I expect her to say that we are just a couple of sluts looking for attention, then threaten to call the police if we don't put some clothes on. Instead, when we meet her, she speaks softly and says, "Oh my, you two girls don't have any clothes on! If I were forty years younger, I would take off my dress right now and walk with you!"

We have a laugh, then she continues saying, "Be careful sweethearts, because their are a lot of perverts around that would like to get their hands on those gorgeous bodies of yours!"

I thank the old woman for her compliment then Krissy and I wave goodbye to her and turn around to walk away. Suddenly, I feel the woman's cane smack me softly on my naked ass cheeks. I look over my shoulder at her and she says, "You are only young once Honey! You are doing the right thing by enjoying yourself before you get old like me!"

I smile at her, then Krissy and I continue walking towards the busy main street about a block away.

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